Fondo Ventures digitalizes a sustainable supply chain for sectors and territories.

Growing with meaning

Why Fondo Ventures?

Fondo Ventures is the Venture Studio specializing in the creation of B2B SaaS startups for the supply chain market, with a development strategy based on sustainability.

We are developing a holistic approach to the trinity of entrepreneurship - web - sustainability, which is at the heart of our project.

Our approach to industries and regions is designed to make sense at every level.

The territory

Fondo Ventures is based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and our newly-created startups will also be based there. Whether we're recruiting future managers or employees, or financing our companies, we want to give priority to local people and structures, developing training and partnerships as far as possible. Our approach is therefore both territorial and sector-based.

Sustainable growth

Fondo Ventures positions its solutions with a proactive market value to best achieve a balance between growth and profitability in an optimal timeframe between market capture, technological obsolescence and team skills development. Similarly, our growth model, both for the Venture Studio and for newly-created startups, is supported by a balance between self-financing (through sales) and venture capital financing.

The impact

The supply chain, by its very nature, raises a number of civilizational challenges: decarbonization, cooperation, efficiency, resilience, urbanization... Digitalization is one of the answers to these challenges. The digitalization we are implementing aims to have a positive impact on improving our users' working conditions and decarbonizing our customers' activities.

The learning organization

By its very nature, a Venture Studio is a sustainable organization that aims to minimize risks and costs by capitalizing on the repeatability of operations and the expertise accumulated in its market. As a learning organization, we make it part of our DNA to constantly challenge ourselves.

The trademark

Our software is developed with an eye to standardization, interoperability, the use of opensource technology bricks, and the concepts of privacy & security by design. As such, all our companies are built to a recognized level of quality: the Fondo Ventures trademark.

Our approach

The Fondo Ventures process is organized into 6 stages, and the conditions for moving from one stage to the next are clearly established and objectified. This process makes it possible to steer and arbitrate the various projects, optimizing the probability of success for each company created.

Our Venture Studio aims to create value over the long term, even after the companies created by Fondo Ventures have exited the market. Our process aims to master our trademark. This will take the form of a Fondo label, which will guarantee quality and security for customers and investors throughout the life of the company.



We detect emerging trends and generate innovative, viable ideas through diversified sourcing and our Market Intelligence system.



We validate the feasibility and interest of an idea by creating and testing prototypes with our first users.


Product Market Fit

We survey our first customers, gather their feedback and refine our market segmentation, positioning and roadmap.



We recruit the entrepreneurs and create the startup. We support them by investing in the company and providing our expertise.



We help start-ups reach their full potential by supporting their business development. We implement the quality standards needed to label the company and consolidate its long-term viability.


Fondo Club

We're selling the startup and continuing to work closely together through Club Fondo. This club provides access to outsourced support services, easing their own operations and enabling them to continue their growth.

Building together

Let's work together to build sustainable startups and innovative solutions for sustainable Supply Chain.

Technology partners

Let's develop our synergies.

Universities and Research

Let's give your research an entrepreneurial boost.


Let's accelerate together.


Let's co-construct the new standard for supply chain information systems.


Let's build the future of the supply chain together.


Invest in profitable growth and de-risked projects.

Our team

Fondo Ventures' co-founders have a wide range of complementary backgrounds, including long experience, international experience and entrepreneurship. SaaS and Supply Chain are also, and above all, their areas of expertise.

mehdi jabrane president fondo ventures


Graduated in Supply Chain (ENIM) and Finance (ESCP), Mehdi worked for 15 years in industry, logistics and retail before creating the startup Mapotempo (a Saas application acquired by AFM). He is strongly involved in the development of the local ecosystem, technology and entrepreneurship (former President of French Tech Pau Béarn, board member of NAOS, Réseau Entreprendre Adour...).
Manon Bouly chief revenue officer


Chief Revenue Officer
A graduate of ESCEN Business School, Manon has 8 years' experience in implementing go-to-market strategies. She began her career in digital marketing, contributing to the success of emerging startups and established SaaS software companies. Subsequently, she held the position of Revenue Operations Manager at a fast-growing SaaS company focused on the supply chain.
Gontran BOIZANTÉ Operations Manager


Chief Operating Officer
Engineer (Arts et Métiers), MBA (Stamford International University), process expert, inventor of the Business Process Canvas, Gontran has helped numerous organizations set up their operations, from the nuclear industry to startups, mainly in an international environment. He also founded Geeers, the platform for easily executing and automating team procedures.
Frédérique HALICHE Head of Product

Frédérique HALICHE

Chief Product Officer
A Supply Chain graduate from Toulouse Business School, Frédérique has worked for major companies such as Valeo and Amazon as Supply Chain Manager. She has worked at all levels of the supply chain (end-to-end), giving her unique experience. She also has international experience in China and Canada. In recent years, she has worked as a supply chain consultant.

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Building sustainable businesses together

If you're a software publisher, university or research center, entrepreneur, startup, corporate or investor, let's work together to build sustainable startups for the supply chain.