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The Fondo Ventures Manifesto



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    Based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Fondo Ventures is a venture studio that transforms ideas into sustainable businesses.

    To achieve this, we apply a repetitive learning process, with human and financial resources to de-risk the start-up phases.

    By combining a Design to Cost approach to product design and an economic sustainable balancing growth and profitability, we aim to maximize value creation in our territory and market.

    Fondo is verticalized in the digitization of the Supply Chain and designs web-based software (SaaS) that meets the challenges of our time, such as decarbonation.

    Our software natively meets high standards in terms of ergonomics, cybersecurity, eco-design and interoperability. The requirements of Responsible Digital will be materialized through our Fondo label.

    After leaving the studio, companies can join the Fondo clubclub, enabling them to pool their non-strategic expenses.

    Passionate about entrepreneurship, digital and supply chain, we cultivate collective intelligence and continuous learning to build healthy corporate cultures.

    Building sustainable businesses together

    If you're a software publisher, university or research center, entrepreneur, startup, corporate or investor, let's work together to build sustainable supply chain startups.